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    How to Suggest..

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    How to Suggest..

    Post by iKinky on 7/26/2009, 7:04 pm

    Hello Guest,

    In this forums you will be able to express yourself, and to give your ideas to make the forum better. There is some advice to post good suggestions.

    Proposition of a suggestion

    - Your proposition must be detailed, avoid "what do you think ?", explain why your suggestion is interesting for us and the question must be clearly asked. Don't forget the explicit title

    - please do a research before posting to see if a topic with the same suggestion has already been posted

    - Add a poll to allow the other members to express their opinion

    - the multiple choice option must not be activated in the poll, just add two options : "yes" or "no"

    How are suggestions accepted?

    The Staff,(Kinko, DraMaTiK, and Phoeniix) frequently read this section's topics to see what suggestion interests you. They do regularly a sort of the suggestions to decide the suggestions they will add, the suggestions they can add and the suggestions they refuse. After that sort, these suggestions will be moved in the archives.

    Behaviour to avoid

    Like the others sections of this forum, you must respect the general rules. Everyone should have the right to express him/herself in good conditions and in a good atmosphere. So avoid double posting (use the edit button), If you wish to post to justify you vote, please argue, no "I agree" or "I disagree". Please respect the differents opinions, don't be aggressive. Finally, please be lenient towards other members' spelling, nobody's perfect. "Up" a topic is forbidden, if someone agree with this suggestion he will post

    If these rules are not respected, your topic might be locked for a while


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